With Magic for Smiles into its third year, magic shows motivated by the kid’s smiles continue to
grow with the cumulative total number of shows standing at 207 (including 29 private parties or
public festivals).

The total number of NGOs now involved is 90 in addition to 15 festival and party planners.
Around 3200 kids mostly refugees benefited from the humanitarian shows.

Events have been spread over the first half of 2018 with 17 new organisations working with kids
getting involved across Lebanon and 4 new public festival and party planners.

Activities continued steadily through the winter months and peaked in June with the start of
summer. There are always new exciting connections being made.

Fundraising remains a challenge with one event being held in the UK. Private parties and public
festivals have increased and help to subsidise the humanitarian work.

Sharing the mystery: Magic stimulates the curiosity of kids – this boy from Steptogether for special
needs children rarely smiles. Jamie is also seen here explaining the magic in an Akaar camp with Ahla Fawda.


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