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COVID 19 update:
Due to COVID 19 for the safety of all concerned, we have of course paused our live face-to-face shows and tuition and with few exceptions have only been working online for both. We are gradually however also doing face-to-face work in the UK and are monitoring the situation as regards international travel.

Bring smiles to refugee children – through magic! 

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Jamie Jibberish

What a brilliant idea – Jamie uses magic to both entertain and support children who’ve lived through the most difficult times. I thoroughly enjoyed his show when I saw it recently. I loved his magic but even more I loved his mission – he deserves our support.
Rt Hon Jacqui Smith, former UK Home Secretary and Member of Parliament.

Magic for Smiles occupies a unique niche in the magic community. In the context of refugees and other deprived children in the Middle East Jamie as a humanitarian magician is right to focus on how these often traumatised children can benefit from the new experience of magic shows and tuition to improve their lives. I very much welcome the progress and support of this wonderful initiative.
Oliver Tabor, President-Elect, International Brotherhood of Magicians

From an academic perspective, Magic for Smiles (MFS) is a highly unusual and exciting initiative for psychosocial support and therefore enhanced wellbeing. The focus on vulnerable children, mostly refugees in the Middle East, provides a further added value. We look forward to seeing how we can work with MFS to further our understanding of the relationship between magic and wellbeing.
Dr Gustav Kuhn, Magic Lab, Goldsmiths University, UK



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Recent Reviews

Humanitarian Shows

Herts Welcomes Refugees – UK

Jamie from Magic for Smiles performed a magic show at an event for Syrian refugee families. I was overwhelmed afterward with very positive reviews. Both the children and adults loved the show. They were delighted to see a magician who speaks their language and he really got the crowd excited with Arabic music that they were all familiar with. I saw only smiles as a result and would have him come again for any future events.

Second Tree – Greece

Jamie offered us an online magic show for our end of module party, with children participating in our programme and living in Agia Eleni (Ioannina, Greece). The children loved it, and the show was very well adapted to the online setting. Some of our team members joined as well and it was a nice bonding moment between the children and the volunteers! I hope we will be able to do more together in the future! [Added by MFS: children were mainly Farsi speaking from Afhganistan]

Julian House – Bath UK

Jamie was fantastic!

He held all of the childrens’ attention throughout the whole show. The tricks appealed to everyone in the crowd including the adults. All of the children were completely in awe and really inspired by what they had seen. The show brought a lot of joy. I hope to work with Jamie again in the future.

Care International Organization Jordan – shows

It has been a pleasure working with him. With great gratitude, he implemented voluntary shows on the occasion of the World Refugee Day for CARE Jordan. The kids enjoyed the sessions very much and enjoyed watching the magic tricks. The shows have helped in enhancing their psychosocial wellbeing. We appreciate his efforts with us.

Jacari Bristol UK

Thank you so much to Jamie for travelling to Bristol and putting on such a fantastic magic show for some of the families we support during Bristol Refugee Festival. Adults and children alike were captivated by his tricks and talked about them afterwards, wondering at how they were done! We also enjoyed interacting in the tricks (even if from afar because of Covid restrictions!) and were entertained by the music – a number said how it reminded them of home. We hope we can run more events like this in the future, and hopefully be able to have a larger audience next time when restrictions are lifted. Thank you Magic for Smiles – great show!

City of Sanctuary UK

Magic for Smiles brought a real sense of warmth and entertainment to City of Sanctuary’s Funday Friday, an online support group for people seeking sanctuary and others who are isolated during the Covid pandemic. The show came across really well and Zoom was no barrier. Jamie’s show is very engaging and included the kids in some of the tricks which left them feeling special and honored. It is an all-inclusive, easy to watch and requires no particular language skill to participate. The feedback from the families was really positive, with key members bringing others along for the second show we had knowing how good the first was! We will definitively be inviting Jamie back for some more magic!

Magic Tuition

Lucie Venard – Yalla

Jamie presented 3 magic shows for the children of Yalla! Pour les Enfants school in Aley and students of Aley First public school. He adapted the shows to fit different age groups from 5 to 14 year old and all children were delighted by the fun, great magic! With very simple material he was able to surprise them, make them laugh and cry from excitement.

He also ran two magic teaching sessions separated by age, initiating them to nice tricks with simple materials. Thank you Jamie for these wonderful moments you offered the children!

Fundraising - Private Parties & Public Events

Great show for a virtual Hen do!

Great show for a virtual Hen do! Really enjoyed it. It was a real performance – magic, music, lighthearted and witty. It really made the occasion special.

Hen party Oxfordshire

What a wonderful live magic show! I had no idea how an online magic show would work, but everything was clearly live and in front of our eyes. We were captivated and surprised by the tricks and turns, and we were able to participate in the tricks. Jamie turned the mirrored screen movements into part of the humour of the trick and made us laugh. Really cheered me up during these dark lockdown evenings. Thank you so much. Highly recommended. (Comment 1)

Great show for a virtual Hen do! Really enjoyed it. It was a real performance – magic, music, lighthearted and witty. It really made the occasion special. (Comment 2)

Nada Safsouf – MAGICAL

MAGICAL offers a variety of packages for all your events including Birthdays parties, gatherings, Halloween parties and themed events. Last week there were a birthday and Jamie came and did a magic show and the children (about 20 kids) liked the show so much.

Martin Lauder – parent

A crowd of very excited 4 year-olds were spellbound for the entire half hour, and all clamouring to participate in the act. The show was thought provoking for the kids and Jamie was great at getting them involved. A wholehearted recommendation to other parents.

William Dobson – Aaliya’s Books

Jamie did a wonderful show at Aaliya’s Books in Beirut. A great range of tricks with fun and memorable presentation for both children and adults alike. Highly recommended

Badaro Festival organiser

The first time I saw Him, i thought, he’s too serious to be a magician. Then, I checked his Facebook page and saw some beautiful photos showing kids reactions. BUT, seeing his live show at Badaro Magical Christmas…. that was amazing! Behind that serious look, there’s a wonderful personality that catches the attention of all ages audience. Jamie … the Humanitarian Magician.

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