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Bring smiles to refugee children – through magic! 

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Jamie Jibberish

What a brilliant idea – Jamie uses magic to both entertain and support children who’ve lived through the most difficult times. I thoroughly enjoyed his show when I saw it recently. I loved his magic but even more I loved his mission – he deserves our support.
Rt Hon Jacqui Smith, former UK Home Secretary and Member of Parliament.

Magic for Smiles occupies a unique niche in the magic community. In the context of refugees and other deprived children in the Middle East Jamie as a humanitarian magician is right to focus on how these often traumatised children can benefit from the new experience of magic shows and tuition to improve their lives. I very much welcome the progress and support of this wonderful initiative.
Oliver Tabor, President, International Brotherhood of Magicians

From an academic perspective, Magic for Smiles (MFS) is a highly unusual and exciting initiative for psychosocial support and therefore enhanced wellbeing. The focus on vulnerable children, mostly refugees in the Middle East, provides a further added value. We look forward to seeing how we can work with MFS to further our understanding of the relationship between magic and wellbeing.
Dr Gustav Kuhn, Magic Lab, Goldsmiths University, UK

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Recent Reviews

Humanitarian Shows

Collateral Repair Project, Jordan

Having Magic For Smiles at our community centers in Amman, Jordan was an incredibly fruitful experience. We have been in partnership with Magic for Smiles for several years and found that Magic education and shows provide not only a space for laughter and fun for vulnerable children that we serve, but also opportunities to develop psychosocial wellness. We thank Magic for Smiles for providing shows for children in our community from vulnerable refugee and Jordanian families.

Médecins Sans Frontières – Jordan – Feb 2023

Everyone interacted with the magician, had fun and changed the routine of the patients’ day in the hospital

Mental Health Manager, MSF-France Reconstructive Surgery Hospital, Amman, Jordan

Herts Welcomes Refugees – UK – March 2023

It was magic! to see the smiles and sheer joy on the faces of refugee children at the magic shows by Jamie Jibberish, Humanitarian Magician from Magic for Smiles – Jamie Jibberish, organised by @HertsWelcomes. The faces of the children (and even the adults!) were priceless as they marvelled at how Jamie did his magic tricks. These were received with chatter, laughter and smiles, with the children keen to join in.
One mother said “Thank you so much. We really needed this. Not just the children. We all really needed this. Thank you.”
Jamie’s show emphasizes unity and friendship to refugee children from many different countries, helping them smile through difficult times.

Hope Centre, Jordan – Feb 2023

The performance was perfect. The kids enjoyed very much the magic show with Jamie. Impressed thing is that he invited kids to participate in his magic so they were very happy and had confidence. It was a great time to encourage & make them smile. Thank you so much, Jamie

Care4Calais – Stansted – Feb 2023

Our fabulous audience of all ages was VERY quickly completely enthralled by this unique show! From utter surprise to noisy disbelief, Jamie Jibberish really bought delight to everyone’s morning. Lovely to see such reactions from the people we are supporting in the hotel through Care4Calais. Wonderful for it to be brought to them, by someone who has years of performing alongside Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Thank you so much Jamie Jibberish! What a star!

Azraq Fund – Jordan Feb 2023

Excellent, what a show! After a month of exams and hard-work, Jamie came and amused everyone in the center with a magic display. On that day, we dropped all of our obligations and focused solely on watching the smooth magic tricks he performed. Everyone adored him and there were many giggles, laughs, and awes. He truly made everyone, even the teachers, smile widely!

Magic Tuition

Lucie Venard – Yalla

Jamie presented 3 magic shows for the children of Yalla! Pour les Enfants school in Aley and students of Aley First public school. He adapted the shows to fit different age groups from 5 to 14 year old and all children were delighted by the fun, great magic! With very simple material he was able to surprise them, make them laugh and cry from excitement.

He also ran two magic teaching sessions separated by age, initiating them to nice tricks with simple materials. Thank you Jamie for these wonderful moments you offered the children!

Fundraising - Private Parties & Public Events

Great show for a virtual Hen do!

Great show for a virtual Hen do! Really enjoyed it. It was a real performance – magic, music, lighthearted and witty. It really made the occasion special.

Hen party Oxfordshire

What a wonderful live magic show! I had no idea how an online magic show would work, but everything was clearly live and in front of our eyes. We were captivated and surprised by the tricks and turns, and we were able to participate in the tricks. Jamie turned the mirrored screen movements into part of the humour of the trick and made us laugh. Really cheered me up during these dark lockdown evenings. Thank you so much. Highly recommended. (Comment 1)

Great show for a virtual Hen do! Really enjoyed it. It was a real performance – magic, music, lighthearted and witty. It really made the occasion special. (Comment 2)

Nada Safsouf – MAGICAL

MAGICAL offers a variety of packages for all your events including Birthdays parties, gatherings, Halloween parties and themed events. Last week there were a birthday and Jamie came and did a magic show and the children (about 20 kids) liked the show so much.

Martin Lauder – parent

A crowd of very excited 4 year-olds were spellbound for the entire half hour, and all clamouring to participate in the act. The show was thought provoking for the kids and Jamie was great at getting them involved. A wholehearted recommendation to other parents.

William Dobson – Aaliya’s Books

Jamie did a wonderful show at Aaliya’s Books in Beirut. A great range of tricks with fun and memorable presentation for both children and adults alike. Highly recommended

Badaro Festival organiser

The first time I saw Him, i thought, he’s too serious to be a magician. Then, I checked his Facebook page and saw some beautiful photos showing kids reactions. BUT, seeing his live show at Badaro Magical Christmas…. that was amazing! Behind that serious look, there’s a wonderful personality that catches the attention of all ages audience. Jamie … the Humanitarian Magician.

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