Syrian children at Solidarity Shatilla



  • Entering the end of its second year, Magic for Smiles (MFS) has in the last four months more than doubled the number of organisations with which it has worked – from 40 to almost 90 – and increased the number of shows by around a third – from over 100 to 165.
  • December a seasonal peak for humanitarian and private parties and public events but growth in this initiative to promote humanitarian magic is however firmly established, although challenges of course remain.
  • Progress is still in the face of limited self or crowdfunding to supplement funds collected – from fees where feasible and from private and public events.


MFS developing concept:


  • MFS sets out to provide entertainment and de-stressing to deprived kids in Lebanon and elsewhere.
  • It also believes magic has additional benefits and during the period with every show evaluated, the most common benefits cited are increased concentration levels, cognitive skills, imagination and creativity, and levels of interaction – the more repeated exposure to magic the better although this is not conditional.
  • MFS continues to be based in Lebanon as it has around 1 in 4 persons as a refugee with over 1 million registered (over 20% under the age of 11) – with registration stopped in 2015 the number may be double.

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