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Humanitarian Magic Shows

Support to Life, Hatay, Turkey Feb 2024

It was a great fun day for the children affected by the disaster, Jamie is truly the best in this field and his knowledge of Arabic makes the children very happy. I’m glad to have you Jamie,

Care 4 Calais East London – Dec 2023

Jamie came to put on a show at our monthly social event for Asylum Seekers in Redbridge, London. It was not an easy job for Jamie, as we never know who will turn up, or when. But Jamie managed to put on a show that kept a very wide range of audience captivated and engaged for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour without difficulty. Everyone really enjoyed the show and Jamie was able to involve both children and adults. Would definitely recommend.

Refugee Resource 20 Nov 2023

Enjoyed every moment the illusions captured their attention. The show was brilliant – our minds were at peace for the hour, no thoughts about our current situation of war [Gaza], aches, pain and families. We truly appreciate your efforts and support.

Care4Calais – Greater Manchester & Cheshire – Aug 2023

The magic shows were a very welcome and much anticipated break from the boredom of hotel life in the school holidays. The children were very excited and loved participating in the tricks. Jamie Jibberish was engaging and entertaining and made the shows relevant to the age and varied nationalities of the audience. Everyone was talking about the pleasure the shows had brought, for several days after the events took place.

Collateral Repair Project, Jordan – workshops June 2023

The magic workshop [Hashemi Shamali Centre] training and performance organized by Magic for Smiles was truly fantastic. The children who participated were engaged, enthusiastic, and showed great progress throughout the program. The workshop was well-structured, providing a perfect balance of learning and fun.

The trainer did an excellent job of teaching the children various magic tricks and techniques. he was patient, encouraging, and made sure that each child understood the tricks and could perform them confidently. The workshop not only taught the children magic but also helped boost their self-confidence and stage presence. It was inspiring to see how the kids blossomed and gained more self-assurance with each performance.

The highlight of the program was the final performance by the kids. They showcased their newfound skills and wowed the audience with their magic tricks. It was evident that they had worked hard and practiced diligently to perfect their performances. The pride and joy on their faces were truly heartwarming.

Care4Calais North East – May 2023

We were delighted to have Magic for Smiles perform for some of the asylum seekers we support. Jamie was a pleasure to work with. He was flexible and understanding of both our needs and limitations. We hope to work with him again in the future.

Care4Calais Bedfordshire -May 2023

The show was fantastic and engaging for all involved. Parents loved the messages of hope and unity demonstrated throughout and the kids loved participating. Some comments we had included “We enjoyed it to the fullest, we laughed too much and the magician’s excellent presentation. My favorite part was the newspaper. Excellent show!” We are not often able to offer professional entertainment on this scale for the Refugee families we support so to have a show as good as Jamie’s was a real privilege and we would definitely recommend! Thanks!

Collateral Repair Project, Jordan

Having Magic For Smiles at our community centers in Amman, Jordan was an incredibly fruitful experience. We have been in partnership with Magic for Smiles for several years and found that Magic education and shows provide not only a space for laughter and fun for vulnerable children that we serve, but also opportunities to develop psychosocial wellness. We thank Magic for Smiles for providing shows for children in our community from vulnerable refugee and Jordanian families.

Médecins Sans Frontières – Jordan – Feb 2023

Everyone interacted with the magician, had fun and changed the routine of the patients’ day in the hospital

Mental Health Manager, MSF-France Reconstructive Surgery Hospital, Amman, Jordan

Herts Welcomes Refugees – UK – March 2023

It was magic! to see the smiles and sheer joy on the faces of refugee children at the magic shows by Jamie Jibberish, Humanitarian Magician from Magic for Smiles – Jamie Jibberish, organised by @HertsWelcomes. The faces of the children (and even the adults!) were priceless as they marvelled at how Jamie did his magic tricks. These were received with chatter, laughter and smiles, with the children keen to join in.
One mother said “Thank you so much. We really needed this. Not just the children. We all really needed this. Thank you.”
Jamie’s show emphasizes unity and friendship to refugee children from many different countries, helping them smile through difficult times.

Hope Centre, Jordan – Feb 2023

The performance was perfect. The kids enjoyed very much the magic show with Jamie. Impressed thing is that he invited kids to participate in his magic so they were very happy and had confidence. It was a great time to encourage & make them smile. Thank you so much, Jamie

Care4Calais – Stansted – Feb 2023

Our fabulous audience of all ages was VERY quickly completely enthralled by this unique show! From utter surprise to noisy disbelief, Jamie Jibberish really bought delight to everyone’s morning. Lovely to see such reactions from the people we are supporting in the hotel through Care4Calais. Wonderful for it to be brought to them, by someone who has years of performing alongside Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Thank you so much Jamie Jibberish! What a star!

Azraq Fund – Jordan Feb 2023

Excellent, what a show! After a month of exams and hard-work, Jamie came and amused everyone in the center with a magic display. On that day, we dropped all of our obligations and focused solely on watching the smooth magic tricks he performed. Everyone adored him and there were many giggles, laughs, and awes. He truly made everyone, even the teachers, smile widely!

Support to Life, Turkey – Oct 2022

It was a wonderful feeling for children to get away from peer bullying, even for a while. They had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves during this time when we were able to keep them a little bit away from school and home. I think it is an event that should take place every 2-3 years so that other kids can watch it. The activity is fun for children and draws a smile on their faces, and it is one of the aspects of psychological support for children.

From staff in our partner in Hatay, SE Turkey near the Syrian border

Refugee Support Group – UK – Nov 2022

Not only is Jamie a great magician and performer, but he is also a wonderful person with a great energy. He was able to make a connection with the children and made them feel really involved in the show. Everyone, including the adults, had a wonderful time. Thank you, Jamie, it was a pleasure to have you at Refugee Support Group.

Care4Calais – Heathrow area

The asylum seekers, both children and adults, loved the shows! Even the staff loved the shows! Here is what a couple of them said:

“Magic for smiles along with care4calais put on an wonderful show. The kids at the hotel were incredibly happy. As a collective we would like to say massive thank you to the magician, Tamzin and all those involved who made it a magical day here in Hounslow.”

“One of the most beautiful experiences we have had in this hotel has been the FAMOUS MAGICIAN 🎩 – unforgettable show for all ages. For the children full of mystery and many interesting questions came out of them and for the adults it was simply fun and intrigue. All the residents here will remember this show with joy and would like it to return.”

I helped organise this with Jamie and another volunteer. Jamie was easy to work with, adaptable (some shows were outside where inside space was not available) and things ran smoothly.

Care 4 Calais – Berkshire

For some of our refugee children in Berkshire, today [21 July 2022] really was magical! They were entertained by the spellbinding Jamie Jibberish, a humanitarian magician from @magicforsmiles who uses his conjuring to make vulnerable children feel better. To see him performing for this group of kids who have been through so much, and hardly ever get any sort of treats, was utterly heart-warming. They were totally taken out of themselves, and gasped, laughed and exclaimed in wonder as Jamie performed a succession of brilliant tricks. Life in Gryffindor had nothing in this!

A special day like this means so much for these children, especially when, like today, they get to actually take part in something. Being in the kind of accommodation most of them find themselves in, they don’t get much chance to mix with others, and do the things other children do. Today these guys felt like part of something – and even better, something fun.

Jamie also showed his support for the #StopRwanda campaign – surely with powers like this behind us, we cannot lose!

Borderless NGO Lebanon

For the second time, Magic for Smiles has done an amazing show for the children in Karantina in Borderless NGO. Even though it was a virtual show, the children were very engaged and enthusiastic about the magic. All the children were participative, happy and most of all, excited to be a part of it. They enjoyed all the tricks, and to this day still talk about the show. The positivity the magic brought is more than enough for the children, and Borderless NGO along with all the children will always be grateful for Magic for Smiles, for taking the time to bring some joy into their lives.

Long Wittenham C of E Primary School, UK

Magic for Smiles visited us on World Refugee Day and provided the whole school with a fantastic magic show. Integrated throughout the show was educational information and about the global refugee crisis and a fantastic selection of World Music that the children really enjoyed. The show was inclusive and our EAL children loved the tricks. Would highly recommend.

Elmbridge CAN, Surrey, UK

An excellent show at a joyous occasion – thank you so much Jamie for making it happen!

Manchester Refugee Support Network

Jamie came and performed two magic shows for us at two different hotels, one for asylum seekers, and the other for Afghan refugees. The magic shows provided so much joy and entertainment for the hotel residents, and there was smiles all round! It was not only fun for the children, but also the adults. He kept everyone involved even though there was no common language at all in one of the hotels. Everyone has asked if Jamie can come again to the hotel!

Communities 1st UK

Jamie came to both the Bridging Hotels in the area to perform for the Afghan refugees. It was lovely to see the children engaging with Jamie while he did the show, even if there was a little bit of a language barrier (one of the children helped interpret). There were lots of laughs, gasps, and of course smiles. Would happily welcome Jamie back again.

Small Projects Istanbul (SPI)

Jamie has been supporting our organization Small Projects Istanbul (SPI) with his shows. He did an amazing virtual show for our new year party. Children were amazed by trick and they had fun by dancing with Jamie during the show. Especially during such hard times that pandemic caused we were so happy to see that the children were totally focused and enjoyed. Thank you Jamie! We hope to meet you again

Wycombe Refugee Partnership – UK

Wycombe Refugee Partnership were delighted to welcome Jamie Jibberish last Saturday for an hour of magic! The children and parents were fully focused enjoying every single trick with amazement and laughter. Jamie has a lovely calm manner and the delivery of tricks left all of us wondering ‘how’. Thank you so much for a happy afternoon.

Asylum Welcome UK

Jamie came and ran magic shows for some of the newly arrived Afghan children our organisation was supporting in transition hotels. What a treat! The magic was a huge hit with the children and a wonderful activity for half term. Thanks so much!

Herts Welcomes Refugees – UK

Jamie from Magic for Smiles performed a magic show at an event for Syrian refugee families. I was overwhelmed afterward with very positive reviews. Both the children and adults loved the show. They were delighted to see a magician who speaks their language and he really got the crowd excited with Arabic music that they were all familiar with. I saw only smiles as a result and would have him come again for any future events.

Second Tree – Greece

Jamie offered us an online magic show for our end of module party, with children participating in our programme and living in Agia Eleni (Ioannina, Greece). The children loved it, and the show was very well adapted to the online setting. Some of our team members joined as well and it was a nice bonding moment between the children and the volunteers! I hope we will be able to do more together in the future! [Added by MFS: children were mainly Farsi speaking from Afhganistan]

Julian House – Bath UK

Jamie was fantastic!

He held all of the childrens’ attention throughout the whole show. The tricks appealed to everyone in the crowd including the adults. All of the children were completely in awe and really inspired by what they had seen. The show brought a lot of joy. I hope to work with Jamie again in the future.

Care International Organization Jordan – shows – July 2021

It has been a pleasure working with him. With great gratitude, he implemented voluntary shows on the occasion of the World Refugee Day for CARE Jordan. The kids enjoyed the sessions very much and enjoyed watching the magic tricks. The shows have helped in enhancing their psychosocial wellbeing. We appreciate his efforts with us.

Jacari Bristol UK

Thank you so much to Jamie for travelling to Bristol and putting on such a fantastic magic show for some of the families we support during Bristol Refugee Festival. Adults and children alike were captivated by his tricks and talked about them afterwards, wondering at how they were done! We also enjoyed interacting in the tricks (even if from afar because of Covid restrictions!) and were entertained by the music – a number said how it reminded them of home. We hope we can run more events like this in the future, and hopefully be able to have a larger audience next time when restrictions are lifted. Thank you Magic for Smiles – great show!

City of Sanctuary UK

Magic for Smiles brought a real sense of warmth and entertainment to City of Sanctuary’s Funday Friday, an online support group for people seeking sanctuary and others who are isolated during the Covid pandemic. The show came across really well and Zoom was no barrier. Jamie’s show is very engaging and included the kids in some of the tricks which left them feeling special and honored. It is an all-inclusive, easy to watch and requires no particular language skill to participate. The feedback from the families was really positive, with key members bringing others along for the second show we had knowing how good the first was! We will definitively be inviting Jamie back for some more magic!

City of Sanctuary UK (personal)

It was a great performance, as luck would have it for one of the kids it was his birthday. He was so happy that when he went back to school, he told his classmates how he celebrated his birthday in lockdown. The event was also joyful and entertaining for the adults and the kids as it lifted their spirits during the lockdown. Jamie is a great, great performer and entertainer, he brings laughter and joy when we are sad, and social connection when we are feeling lonely. Thank you Jamie and keep doing what you do best! (Shams Abdu Moussa)

CARE Jordan – tuition sessions

Magic for Smiles sessions were conducted to children groups [in Jordan] from Amman, Irbid, Mafraq, Zarqa and Azraq via Zoom, each group consisted of 20 children, and each group received 2 sessions for one hour and half long to learn 8 tricks. The sessions were interactive as the trainer implemented each trick in detail so children learn how to do the tricks and asked each child to do the trick themselves and provided them with feedback and support. The kids enjoyed the tricks very much and they sent their photos and videos while doing the magic tricks. The following are some quotes received by the kids:

“I participated in magic sessions. I was always curious about learning magic after the sessions I learned how magic works and now I myself do magic tricks to my friends. I am so glad and pleased to get to know magic and I thank the trainer and Care organization for this opportunity”. Jafar, 11 years old boy lives in Azraq city.

“I used to see people on TV do magic tricks and I was always amazed and curious to learn how they do it. Till I participated in magic sessions and it is so satisfying to do the tricks that I learned and I still would like to learn more”. Hamza 12 years old boy from Azraq city.

Sirko Fantastiko

The quality of magic is beyond me to comment on, yet, in general, I can say that it was creative, fun, well-thought, and impressive. Some tricks seemed to work very well on kids, perhaps the ones that demanded their opinions or ideas, as they were being more included in the trick. The show in general seemed to bond them together, open their channels of curiosity and distract them from their daily stress. It was a good way to say hello to the day, both fun and some cognitive work to warm up the brains. I liked the idea of asking children to name the different colors of silk of different countries and then bringing them back together, but that somehow felt like it did not achieve its purpose in the children’s reality. As new and more culturally appropriate ways can be found regarding different backgrounds children have, I believe further magic shows may make them connect and come together, focusing on the magic and how it works and might be a great way to achieve social harmony and develop both their cognitive and social skills.

Borderless NGO, Lebanon

The overall show went great. The children thoroughly enjoyed the show and were thrilled to engage and participate with the magician. There were some brave children who volunteered to participate in some of the tricks which encouraged the other children to participate. They had an amazing experience with Jaime and wanted more shows and tricks. They appreciated the show, and appreciated the fact that regardless of the pandemic, Jaime managed to throw an amazing show through zoom for them to enjoy.
Thank you!!

Solidarity Association for Social and Cultural Development – Tadamon

Solidarity -Tadamon- provides p[psychosocial support for children at increased risks in the Palestinian Refugees camps in Lebanon where there is no any places for playing .

Among the components of the PSS program provided for the children is providing entertainment play & fun . The magic show provided by Jamie Balfour-Paul in Shatilla , En El Helwi , Bus and El Rashdia camp helped to create entertaining and enjoyment for the children who are socially isolated at homes because of corona virus . The children were very happy for the show and it is good to go on providing the activity for additional numbers of the children in the mentioned camps and other camps such as Nahr el Bared Camp .

Herts Welcomes Refugees

The quality of the magic was excellent and much appreciated and admired by all. The children were entertained and gripped and most of them keen to participate particularly the boys! For some it was there first Magic Show and they were suitably bowled over.

Small Projects Istanbul (SPI)

Jamie has been a friend of our NGO Small Projects Istanbul (SPI) for a long time and his magic shows are always a great favorite among the children. In February 2021, Jamie hosted an online Magic Show for our community and brought a bit of magic directly inside the houses of more than 50 children. Especially now, during the pandemic, it is challenging for the children to stay socially connected, to see their friends and classmates, and to experience something extraordinary. Thanks to the Magic Show, the children united again and experienced something special, a magical hour with Jamie, full of spells, tricks and entertainment. These magical events always stay in children’s memories and they keep asking us for more. Thank you, Jamie, for not forgetting us and spreading your positivity and love for children. I am hoping soon we will have a chance to organize such events in person at our community center.

Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees

We are hugely grateful that Jamie used the pandemic to organise virtual shows and bring joy to the refugee children who have moved to the UK and are now fellow residents of Cheltenham.
The children were hooked and we had a blast! The kids laughed and danced and were captivated by Jamie’s tricks. Two children who had just moved to the UK and were quiet and shy at the beginning of the show visibly lit up and even volunteered to help Jamie! Thank you to Jamie and Magic for Smiles for making this happen.

Bridges for Communities

Jamie put on a great show which was watched by around 20 families from Arabic speaking backgrounds. It was great that he was able to use both English and Arabic, making it more accessible for the families who were new to Bristol and didn’t have much English. He kept it engaging and interactive, the kids loved the music and dancing in between the tricks! It’s great that families could watch together, and parents interact with their kids as they watch. A real treat, thank you Jamie! We hope to meet you in person one day!

Joint Christian Committee, Sabra, Lebanon

We have the pleasure to thank you for your show (for Syrian kids 5-12 years in age) and want to say that either online or live it brings smiles to our children. They were very impressed with the show especially the cards, grapefruit and needle through balloon. They were surprised seeing the show as it was the first time they saw magic and a magician. They also liked how they participated in the tricks. We want to say thank you for your effort and we appreciate your show because it makes our children feel happy.

Great show for a virtual Hen do!

Great show for a virtual Hen do! Really enjoyed it. It was a real performance – magic, music, lighthearted and witty. It really made the occasion special.

Hen party Oxfordshire

What a wonderful live magic show! I had no idea how an online magic show would work, but everything was clearly live and in front of our eyes. We were captivated and surprised by the tricks and turns, and we were able to participate in the tricks. Jamie turned the mirrored screen movements into part of the humour of the trick and made us laugh. Really cheered me up during these dark lockdown evenings. Thank you so much. Highly recommended. (Comment 1)

Great show for a virtual Hen do! Really enjoyed it. It was a real performance – magic, music, lighthearted and witty. It really made the occasion special. (Comment 2)

Enrych Oxfordshire

From ENRYCH Oxfordshire:

Excellent show over Zoom for some of our members who are adults which a physical disability as part of our Covid-19 programme of zoom sessions. A variety of tricks aimed at children but suitable for adults too. Thank you for your time Jamie. An enjoyable hour for all of us.

Danish Refugee Organization, Turkey

The two shows were very pleasant and everybody who watched seemed to like them. They were especially very entertaining shows for children and Jamie is really good what he is doing. I hope he does more shows in the future.

Syrian Sisters

It was great after long time sitting at home
It was so good.
We try to do again
Looking forward to do some teaching of magic

From UnLtd – UK social enterprise

Jamie was great to have at our team social as a support mechanism for parents with kids who needed some entertainment during covid-19. Great feedback from my team and helped to lighten the mood during this hard time.

Flying Carpet Festival, Southern Turkey – Sahba Aminikia

Jamie was an artist-in-residence at our Flying Carpet Children Festival 2019 which operates in south east of Turkey where millions of vulnerable children of Syrian, Iraqi, Kurdish and Turkish origin reside and I have the honor of being the artistic director and founder of. His dedication, his passion and his professionalism was exemplary to all of us and to all the artists. We will never forget him and want him over and over again to bring joy and laugh to our children. I recommend him to anyone who is creating a magical experience and is bringing light and hope to children who deserve it most. Thank you Jamie.

AVSI Foundation

The children …were mesmerized by all the amazing magic tricks. It was an unforgettable experience for them as they got the chance to participate for the first time in such interactive shows that brought them so much excitement and joy!

Educating Young Women Association (EYWA)

Jamie enchanted all the kids at EYWA- Dar al Hadana [nursery].

We are grateful for having him perform and for all the beautiful smiles he put on our kids faces. We can’t thank you enough you have a heart of gold god bless keep drawing those smiles and enchanting those little souls.

Yalla Pour Les Enfants

Jamie adapted the shows to fit different age groups from 5 to 14 year olds and all children were delighted by the fun, great magic! With very simple material he was able to surprise them, make them laugh and cry from excitement. He also ran two magic teaching sessions separated by age, initiating them to nice tricks with simple materials.


Very professional, the children of Mob Art project really loved his show and kept asking us about him for weeks!

Maarouf Saad Social and Cultural Foundation

We would like to thank you Mr. Jamie for your amazing show and we are lucky to meet such a talented magician like you. You made our day …and the children are requesting to see you and your show again.

King’s Kids educational center, Damour

The program was very rich and full of surprises. Laughter and Magic Smiles were on many faces, kids and staff. I loved your gentleness and kindness and the way you involved the kids. You really made them wonder and think, they kept talking about it for hours.

SB Overseas

SB Overseas invited Jamie to put on magic show at their education center in Sidon last week, and what a wonderful experience it was! Jamie brought so many smiles and looks of amazement to the children’s faces. It was great to see the kids so happy and attentive. I highly recommend Jamie Jibberish for kids of all ages

Save the Children

Humanitarian magician known as Jamie Jibberish (due to his use of magic language ) performed twice for Save the Children recently. This was in our activity centre ( or child friendly space) in the UNHCR registration centre in Tripoli where children attend whose parents queue up for interview. The children interacted very well and really had a lot of fun – we very much appreciated the rare initiative of Jamie the magician.

International Rescue Committee

The 4 magic shows ….have brought joy and positive effect on the street and working children. Magic helps their sense of creativity and imagination; it is a door for escapism from the daily difficult reality they face. It also works on developing their cognitive skills as they concentrate, analyse and try to discover the tricks. The sessions were very interactive and both street children and youths expressed their fascination and happiness after the shows. Children are in need of such creative sessions to put a smile on their face and help them get inspired during their daily life. Magic helps them develop their cognitive, creative and even communication skills.

War Child Holland

The children were amazed by the show and it was for them a very special event where they focused all their attention …they even did not want to leave when it was over!

Jusoor Syria

The experience was phenomenal. The children were extremely engaged and loved the show. It was wonderful seeing the smiles on their faces. Well done Jamie. Thank you for the much needed joy you brought to our students.

Al Jana

Jamie joined AL-JANA, NGO, in the JANANA Spring Festival where he toured with us each of Tripoli, Baalbak, Tyre and Sidon. He surprised all of us with his magnificent tricks and loving spirit. As part of our work in improving psychosocial well-being, Jamie offered hundreds of children from Palestinian camps an escape from their difficult reality and the hope of an entirely different world than what they have grown to know. His tricks left not only the kids, but all the staff members in awe too. We will definitely be working with Jamie again.

Magic Tuition


Jamie helped ease the stress of lockdown with weekly magic lessons for 2 months! He even did a magic show for my son’s 9th birthday which was a total hit. Thank you Jamie for keeping us laughing through a tough period when the kids were isolated at home.

Lucie Venard – Yalla

Jamie presented 3 magic shows for the children of Yalla! Pour les Enfants school in Aley and students of Aley First public school. He adapted the shows to fit different age groups from 5 to 14 year old and all children were delighted by the fun, great magic! With very simple material he was able to surprise them, make them laugh and cry from excitement.

He also ran two magic teaching sessions separated by age, initiating them to nice tricks with simple materials. Thank you Jamie for these wonderful moments you offered the children!

Fundraising - Private Parties & Events

Hen party Oxfordshire

What a wonderful live magic show! I had no idea how an online magic show would work, but everything was clearly live and in front of our eyes. We were captivated and surprised by the tricks and turns, and we were able to participate in the tricks. Jamie turned the mirrored screen movements into part of the humour of the trick and made us laugh. Really cheered me up during these dark lockdown evenings. Thank you so much. Highly recommended. (Comment 1)

Great show for a virtual Hen do! Really enjoyed it. It was a real performance – magic, music, lighthearted and witty. It really made the occasion special. (Comment 2)

Nada Safsouf – MAGICAL

MAGICAL offers a variety of packages for all your events including Birthdays parties, gatherings, Halloween parties and themed events. Last week there were a birthday and Jamie came and did a magic show and the children (about 20 kids) liked the show so much.

Martin Lauder – parent

A crowd of very excited 4 year-olds were spellbound for the entire half hour, and all clamouring to participate in the act. The show was thought provoking for the kids and Jamie was great at getting them involved. A wholehearted recommendation to other parents.

William Dobson – Aaliya’s Books

Jamie did a wonderful show at Aaliya’s Books in Beirut. A great range of tricks with fun and memorable presentation for both children and adults alike. Highly recommended

Badaro Festival organiser

The first time I saw Him, i thought, he’s too serious to be a magician. Then, I checked his Facebook page and saw some beautiful photos showing kids reactions. BUT, seeing his live show at Badaro Magical Christmas…. that was amazing! Behind that serious look, there’s a wonderful personality that catches the attention of all ages audience. Jamie … the Humanitarian Magician.

Robert Walker

Jamie gave a fantastic magic show for our two children’s birthday party at our home and kept over 20 six to eight year olds spellbound for forty minutes. Jamie is a gifted magician, and interacts well with his young audience…I would highly recommend Jamie for your children’s birthday party.

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