The quality of magic is beyond me to comment on, yet, in general, I can say that it was creative, fun, well-thought, and impressive. Some tricks seemed to work very well on kids, perhaps the ones that demanded their opinions or ideas, as they were being more included in the trick. The show in general seemed to bond them together, open their channels of curiosity and distract them from their daily stress. It was a good way to say hello to the day, both fun and some cognitive work to warm up the brains. I liked the idea of asking children to name the different colors of silk of different countries and then bringing them back together, but that somehow felt like it did not achieve its purpose in the children’s reality. As new and more culturally appropriate ways can be found regarding different backgrounds children have, I believe further magic shows may make them connect and come together, focusing on the magic and how it works and might be a great way to achieve social harmony and develop both their cognitive and social skills.

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