Magic for Smiles sessions were conducted to children groups [in Jordan] from Amman, Irbid, Mafraq, Zarqa and Azraq via Zoom, each group consisted of 20 children, and each group received 2 sessions for one hour and half long to learn 8 tricks. The sessions were interactive as the trainer implemented each trick in detail so children learn how to do the tricks and asked each child to do the trick themselves and provided them with feedback and support. The kids enjoyed the tricks very much and they sent their photos and videos while doing the magic tricks. The following are some quotes received by the kids:

“I participated in magic sessions. I was always curious about learning magic after the sessions I learned how magic works and now I myself do magic tricks to my friends. I am so glad and pleased to get to know magic and I thank the trainer and Care organization for this opportunity”. Jafar, 11 years old boy lives in Azraq city.

“I used to see people on TV do magic tricks and I was always amazed and curious to learn how they do it. Till I participated in magic sessions and it is so satisfying to do the tricks that I learned and I still would like to learn more”. Hamza 12 years old boy from Azraq city.

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