The magic workshop [Hashemi Shamali Centre] training and performance organized by Magic for Smiles was truly fantastic. The children who participated were engaged, enthusiastic, and showed great progress throughout the program. The workshop was well-structured, providing a perfect balance of learning and fun.

The trainer did an excellent job of teaching the children various magic tricks and techniques. he was patient, encouraging, and made sure that each child understood the tricks and could perform them confidently. The workshop not only taught the children magic but also helped boost their self-confidence and stage presence. It was inspiring to see how the kids blossomed and gained more self-assurance with each performance.

The highlight of the program was the final performance by the kids. They showcased their newfound skills and wowed the audience with their magic tricks. It was evident that they had worked hard and practiced diligently to perfect their performances. The pride and joy on their faces were truly heartwarming.

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