For some of our refugee children in Berkshire, today [21 July 2022] really was magical! They were entertained by the spellbinding Jamie Jibberish, a humanitarian magician from @magicforsmiles who uses his conjuring to make vulnerable children feel better. To see him performing for this group of kids who have been through so much, and hardly ever get any sort of treats, was utterly heart-warming. They were totally taken out of themselves, and gasped, laughed and exclaimed in wonder as Jamie performed a succession of brilliant tricks. Life in Gryffindor had nothing in this!

A special day like this means so much for these children, especially when, like today, they get to actually take part in something. Being in the kind of accommodation most of them find themselves in, they don’t get much chance to mix with others, and do the things other children do. Today these guys felt like part of something – and even better, something fun.

Jamie also showed his support for the #StopRwanda campaign – surely with powers like this behind us, we cannot lose!

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